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About Us - Apmi


Actco-Pickering Metal Industries

Actco-Pickering Metal Industries Pty Ltd was formed as the result of a merger between Actco Metal Industries and Pickering Precision Sheet Metal in 1999.

Company History

Actco-Pickering built the business by delivering a unique range of fabrication and engineering solutions across many sectors including Defence and rail with an extensive track record in supplying quality on time componentry and turnkey solutions.

From 2006 onward, the cyclical nature of Rail and Defence projects drove diversification.

Investment in smart manufacturing - innovation, research and development coupled with the recruitment of a Design Engineering team, staff skills training saw the development of in-house products accessing Infrastructure and Leisure markets. The very successful Ridgeback Service Body enjoys a 30% market share here in Victoria and interstate. Pioneer off road Camper Trailers recently won the prestigious Camper Trailer of the Year 2017 Award by Camper Trailer Australia Magazine.

Actco-Pickering have built a resilient business, as contract manufacturers wholesalers and retailers.

Our People

Skills development and employee satisfaction.

Actco-Pickering prepares an annual Skills Matrix for the Company and each employee. Teams take part in lean training from external and process improvement from Process Engineering staff on a daily basis. Employees are encouraged to undertake evening courses across a range of skills from leadership, trade, commercialisation and motivation. On completion they receive an increase in their remuneration which is agreed prior to commencement of the course.

A recent independent 360 evaluation found high levels of employee engagement morale and desire to increase their individual contribution to the company’s success.

Our History


    Actco-Pickering has invested in Design through recruitment of Design & Engineering personnel, CAD/CAM software and most importantly a willingness to step outside “industry standards” to innovate not replicate. Our two in house product lines have benefited greatly from this approach, while its commercial customers have through collaboration also reaped the benefits.


    In the mid 2000’s Actco-Pickering introduced Australia’s first lightweight aluminium constructed “Lift-off” removable service body to the market under the name TSM (Since rebranded as Ridgeback Service Bodies). This product was a revolution for the service and trade industry allowing these industries to reduce down time and increase the service life of their fleets. Ridgeback Service Bodies continues to expand into new areas bringing its lightweight, rust free construction to the lubrication and maintenance sectors and innovating through collaboration with partners to overcome challenges and continue to exceed customer expectations.


    From this success in the trade and corporate sectors, Actco-Pickering then moved to the leisure/lifestyle sector for the next opportunity. Actco-Pickering purchased a well-regarded camper trailer brand Pioneer from WA. Then set to work redesigning this product to meet customer expectations in the 21st century for toughness, reliability and visual excitement.


    Initial design and production saw models with hard flooring, then more recently hard roofing in Pioneer Campers. The innovation came with the use of new composite technologies and bonding techniques coupled with Actco-Pickering's first class metal fabrication abilities. R & D was undertaken to provide real world validation to CAD FEA analysis. Advanced UV and Environmental material testing was an important part of this process to ensure longevity. All supported by our Warranty commitments.


    Actco-Pickering continues to seek commercial partnerships with business committed to innovation in the areas of Defence, Infrastructure and Renewable Energies. Products including sun tracking solar assembly for large scale rollout have been developed through partnership with government, educational institutes and commercial entities. Actco-Pickering “value adds” new customer engagement with manufacturing innovation through initial reviews with our Design & Engineering team.


    We realise that technology and technological change is increasing exponentially and so commitment to innovation is part of our every day – through new production processes, commitment to product improvement, staff training at all levels and the passionate belief that we can always improve.

    Actco-Pickering is engaged with IOS – how it applies structurally through our internal processes, supply chain engagement and our customer base.

Partner with Actco-Pickering Metal Industries

Actco-Pickering continues to seek commercial partnerships with businesses committed to innovation in the areas of Defence, Infrastructure and Renewable Energies. We look forward to hearing from you.

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